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Martha & Kelly - What We're Learning from Hosts

the super tips we’ve been learning from hosts

forming a group can require patience. it can take a few gatherings before your group really comes together

in the beginning, over invite so you have enough people in the room for episode 1 to provide your group with the tnp experience

in the host toolkit we have a link to custom online invitations you can use and personalize.

with your group, settle on a “standing day of the month” like first Tuesday or second Saturday. group cohesiveness is important. it makes continuing simpler and easier. less work for all and a better experience

starting with episode 1 is key when forming your group

test the streaming to your TV a few days prior to your gathering (find tech guides in the host toolkit)

keep it simple when it comes to refreshments. you don’t need to be “entertaining”

even though you have access to the episode, you may want to wait to watch the film with the group. the episodes are designed to be watched together

before you start the film, read this – or have a guest read this – preamble to let the group know what to expect

after the episode ends, resist the temptation to fill the silence or guide the conversation. just wait. someone will start. trust us – someone always does. and then you are in a conversation, together.

after that episode 1 gathering, anyone who wants to continue with your project will need to join you in our online community. while the promotion that underwrites memberships is in place, that community is complimentary to new project members.

accept declines with grace. the right group for you will form. it’s not for everyone. but the people who “get it” and want it seem to respond right away