Acceptance: Michael Davie

When filmmaker Michael Davie attended The Nantucket Project in 2014, he heard Kelly Corrigan’s talk on acceptance and immediately he “felt like she was speaking my language.” Then, with the help of TNP Idea Films and Kelly herself, Michael made the film ‘Acceptance.’ The documentary short speaks to the challenging nature of accepting life-changing events that can occur completely outside of our control. In this podcast, TNP co-founder Tom Scott and Kelly talk to Michael about the making of the film and some of the difficult and traumatic experiences the subjects have had to accept in their lives.

Examining Expectations: Sean Duffy

This week Tom and Kelly sit down with long-time friend and Mason St. Project member Sean Duffy, whose has a view on life that helps others put things in perspective. Sean’s experiences with spirituality, divorce, death and the power of conversation have made him realize the impermanent nature of the world—and how acceptance can bring freedom. Sean also talks about the taboo nature of faith and religion and delves into the importance of breaking boundaries in order to broaden our horizons.

It’s Gray: Nicole Pittman

Tom and Kelly spoke with Nicole Pittman, a member of the Cambrian Ave. Project, after she’d taken part in a gathering for episode one of the neighborhood project. Nicole is also the director for the Center on Youth Registration Reform, an organization that is working to remove children and adults who have been listed on the national sex offender registry for offenses they committed while they were children. Their conversation contemplates the gray areas of sexual offenses, where the perpetrator can also be a victim, and how in so many circumstances, labels such as offenders, victims and enablers can ruin lives.

You Never Know: Tom Scott & Kelly Corrigan

At the inception of The Nantucket Project, co-founder Tom Scott was told: “the heart of your work is creating conversations.” That was in 2011. Seven years later, it’s all happening. Along with New York Times best-selling author, Kelly Corrigan, Tom speaks about the benefits of connecting with people through honest and meaningful conversation. 2018 marks the introduction of TNP’s newest arm, the neighborhood project, where the people behind the beloved annual gathering on Nantucket bring the event to living rooms around the country. As Tom promises: “We’re going to go out and continue to look for meaning, package it and share it.”
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