launch guide

1. Set your date.

2. Put some thought into forming your group. get tips for inviting here.

3. Use our customizable Paperless Post designs to save the date, invite, and thank your guests.

4. Invite more people than you think you can handle; there will be last-minute cancellations. (we think 8 to 15 attendees is a good number, depending on the size of your living room. do what works for you.)

5. Episodes are in the host toolkit ready for you to screen for your group. we’ve designed each film to be watched as a group, one episode at a time, in sequence.  please watch episode 1 at your first gathering. when you reconvene, watch episode 2 together. and so on.

6. Test your technology in advance: we have step-by-step guides. you can do this. we believe in you. (just test it out in advance, trust us on this.) reach out if you’re really stuck.

7. Create a good conversation space, provide your group with snacks, drinks and a comfortable environment.

8. Before you start the film, read – or have a guest read – this preamble aloud so your group knows what to expect.

9. Talk, listen, learn. It’s okay if the conversation is slow to start or there is silence. resist the urge, as the host, to start the conversation. consider the film a starting point but let your conversation take you anywhere you want to go.

10. Set the date for your next conversation before your guests leave. Many groups find it easiest to be consistent when they choose a repeating date so members can plan, like the first Saturday morning of the month, or the third Thursday.

11. Do it again next month (or as often as you like).

12. email us at for support