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Gather once a month in your home with friends.  Think of it like a book club with a film.

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Get exclusive access to our films made with love and curiosity.

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Get comfortable and really talk to each other.  You’ll find gathering for purpose of conversation will make you leave feeling better.

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get access to episode 1 and other exclusive content


setup your first neighborhood project gathering


watch the episode with your friends … get comfortable and really talk to each other


setup your first neighborhood project gathering form your group and we will invite your friends to join your project 


wake up the next day feeling a little bit better

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access to a monthly, in-person group conversation
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created by Emmy and Academy Award Winning producers and directors


special access and invitations to sold-out tnp events around the country

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from new york times bestselling author, kelly coorigan


hosted by tom scott and kelly corrigan, featuring special celebrity guests

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We’re seeking passionate and compassionate pioneers to link arms with us on our mission. Let's promote civil discourse and real connection, help heal communities and have fun. You can make a difference and build a part-time business. Join our inspired team today.

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