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in mask we trust. following up to friday’s episode with police chief william bratton, tom and rp discuss leadership in police departments. going further into the episode, they turn to the topic of covid-19 and it’s resurgence in states that were not initially impacted: how can it be handled in rural areas? at what rate is the pandemic still spreading? rp points out the full capacity of icu’s in texas and arizona, the politicization of face masks, and the varying degrees of leadership across different levels of the american government. 

tom scott is chairman & co-founder of the nantucket project. rp eddy was the architect of the Clinton administration’s pandemic response framework and the United Nations response to the global AIDS epidemic & is CEO of global intelligence firm Ergo.  

rp is co-author of the best-selling award-winning book Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes with Richard A. Clarke, Former National Security Council counterterrorism adviser.

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