Saved at San Quentin: Chris Schuhmacher

By The Nantucket Project: Hosted by Tom Scott and Kelly Corrigan

Chris Schumacher never thought he would murder one of his friends. But a rage came over him when drugs went missing from his home, and he committed the unthinkable. Chris led a partying lifestyle prior to being sentenced to a 16-year-to-life prison sentence in California. In prison, he reformed his life with sobriety and learning to forgive himself through his faith. Chris joined a program called The Last Mile, earned a college degree in software engineering and developed his own app. After his release in 2017, after 17 years behind bars, he joined us on stage at The Nantucket Project. Chris’s story of change, rehabilitation and improvement from the lowest points captivated us in a time where prisons and prisoners are mostly forgotten.

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  1. I hope you rot in hell.

    • What’s your problem punk? He done did his time and the ‘victim’ got the consequence of his actions. Come back to reality fool


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