Making “The Illumination”: Aaron Neu

By The Nantucket Project: Hosted by Tom Scott and Kelly Corrigan

Kelly visited TNP’s headquarters in Connecticut and sat down with Aaron Neu, our director of photography and the editor of TNP’s award-winning idea film, The Illumination. The film, which is featured in Episode 3 of The Neighborhood Project, tells the inspiring story of philanthropist Gordon Gund who went blind in 1970 at age 30 of a genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa.  A year later, Gordon and his wife Lulie, among others, founded the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  Their more than 45-year journey to find a cure for blindness can only be described as a act of love. Aaron refers to the challenges of creating a visual story of the Gunds’ highs and lows—an experience that had an indelible impact on his own life.

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